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Lost Foam

29 May 2023

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Castmetal Advanced Services uses various processes to produce high-quality metal parts, including the Lost Foam process. This innovative method creates metal parts with a high level of detail and a smooth finish, while offering benefits such as reduced costs, faster production times and more environmentally friendly production. In this article, we explore the Lost Foam process and its advantages in the production of metal parts.

How does it work?

The Lost Foam method, also known as the lost foam mould, is a metal casting technique that uses a foam model of the part to be produced. The model is covered with a ceramic coating, which acts as a mould for the metal casting. Once the metal has been cast, the foam collapses and is replaced by the metal, creating the final part. This method ensures a high degree of precision in the shape and details of the part, as well as a smooth, even finish.

What are the advantages of the Lost Foam process?

  • It produces complex parts with a high level of detail, such as fine patterns, ribs and grooves.
  • Economic advantages thanks to low-cost moulds.
  • Production is faster than traditional metal casting methods.
  • The process is more environmentally-friendly: Less waste is generated during production. A large proportion of the solid waste produced can be recycled.

For which parts can the Lost Foam process be used?

The Lost Foam method can be used to produce large parts, ranging in size from a few metres to dozens of metres.

The Lost Foam method is an innovative metal casting technique that offers significant advantages for the production of high-quality metal parts. This method produces extremely complex parts with a high level of detail and offers economic and environmental advantages. As a result metallurgical companies are adopting it more and more.