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The forging process

20 May 2023

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Forging is a technique used to produce metal parts by hot forming. This method is used to produce intricately shaped parts with exceptional mechanical properties. At Castmetal Advanced Services, we use the forging process to produce high quality customized parts. The main characteristics of finished forged parts include strength and durability, as well as enhanced metallurgical structure that provides a better mechanical performance.

How does it work?

Forging is used to produce parts from steel, aluminium, titanium and specific alloys. This technique involves heating the metal to a specific temperature, then deforming it under pressure to give it the desired shape.

Forging has many advantages:

  • It allows us to obtain parts with greater mechanical strength thanks to an optimised micro-structure.
  • It ensures high precision in terms of size and shape.
  • It enables us to produce large parts.
  • The parts have a high-quality surface finish.

For what applications is forging used?

At Castmetal Advanced Services, we use hot forging presses to produce parts made of steel, aluminium and specific alloys. We have complete mastery of the various stages in the forging process, from the design of the part to the finish of the surface.

As a means of producing metal parts, forging offers numerous advantages. At Castmetal Advanced Services, we use the forging process to produce high-quality, customised parts tailored to our customers’ specific needs.