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We understand how important it is to find the best solutions for your company. Therefore, we support you with innovative, tailor-made, turnkey services to meet your specific requirements.

From design to delivery

Our teams deal with the entire process


Engineering support

The core business of Castmetal Advanced Services is to help its customers in the co-development of their parts, from functional specifications to final production.

Our teams can offer a comprehensive monitoring solution from the design analysis stage right through to the production stage. We can suggest ways of optimising the design of the part and propose the best manufacturing process to optimise the product’s TCO.

Our expertise enables us to transfer a part from the foundry to the forge, from the mechanical welding area to the foundry, and much more besides, in order to propose the most efficient process for your parts.

In line with international standards, we comply with all the required norms, producing initial samples, then pre-production runs and then mass producing products under the supervision of our Chinese and European quality teams. Our teams take all our customers’ requirements into account in order to meet their time-to-market objectives.



Over the past 20 years, the company has built up a panel of reliable, competitive suppliers capable of delivering the full range of foundry and forging technologies.

We select companies capable of adapting to the sector’s technological imperatives in terms of reliability, quality, competitiveness and sustainable development.

Our Quality and Purchasing teams regularly audit our partners as part of a continuous improvement process to ensure compliance with the standards set by our group.

Our Purchasing team, based in Beijing, is in charge of:

  1. identifying new partners and benchmarking long-standing suppliers.
  2. monitoring day-to-day projects.

The Quality team, which travels around the world, has a continuous presence at suppliers’ sites, enabling it to react quickly to all kinds of issues.



The supplier panel enables us to tailor the manufacture of a customer’s product to the required technologies in the material of your choice:

  • green sand casting
  • lost wax
  • shell moulding
  • forging

We are able to integrate all the added value before assembling the component on your machines:

  • heat treatment
  • machining
  • painting
  • surface treatment

For over 20 years, we have been building a comprehensive value proposition to meet our customers’ requirements. This extends to the supply of sub-sets including numerous additional components such as rings, grease nipples, carbides, polymer components, etc.


Inspection & Testing & Certifications

Our engineers regularly carry out in-depth inspections and quality controls on the products, machines, jigs and production processes of all our partners.


All local teams are supported by our quality teams in Europe. If necessary, we can also call upon the services of certified laboratories. Managing the traceability of samples and mass-produced parts is a guarantee of safety and quality for all our customers.


To enable you to validate your PPAPs, our teams will send you standard parts by air freight according to specifications, inspection reports, casting simulations and analyses of the required performance.

Our partners meet the most stringent international standards, such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO/TS 16949.


Storage, Transport & Delivery

Our logistics platform, located as close as possible to our customers, ensures complete traceability of goods and optimised tracking.

Thanks to the large number of containers shipped each week, our customers benefit from competitive market prices. Depending on the level of urgency, the most efficient intermodal transport is used (sea, air, rail, road, etc.).

Our commitment: high-quality parts on time at optimized carbon print.

Our logistics teams (in China and Europe) monitor your parts at every stage, from the foundry to your final assembly line, to ensure on-time delivery.

We offer an optional secure storage solution in France, enabling us to deliver directly to Europe within 48 hours if our customers so require.

We also offer full or partial container options, whatever the destination of the parts or their specific requirements. Any request for specific packaging will be handled by our engineers in France, who will work closely with you and the supplier to ensure the proper handling and safety of parts during transport.


Customer satisfaction

Your satisfaction is our top priority.

All our teams are at your disposal and ready to meet all your requirements. Every year, we carry out a satisfaction survey to assess and improve all our services and processes.


of our customers recommend us, according to our satisfaction survey, carried out in 2021.

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