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Sosi casting or water glass (lost wax sosi)

2 June 2023
Procédé sosi casting (Lost Wax sosi).

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The Lost Wax sosi process, also known as sosi casting or water glass, is one of the most popular methods used by Castmetal Advanced Services to produce high quality castings. It is particularly effective as a means of producing complex parts with fine details and intricate shapes and geometries. This method enables fine details and complex contours to be accurately reproduced, ensuring high-precision, high-quality finished components. This applies to industrial components, automotive parts and precision parts.

How does it work?

The first stage of the Lost Wax Sosi process involves creating a wax model of the part to be manufactured. This wax model is then coated with a refractory material, such as sand, ceramic or brick, to form a shell.

The shell is then heated to melt the wax, leaving a hollow refractory mould inside the shell. This mould is then filled with molten metal to form the final part. After cooling, the shell is broken to reveal the final casting.

What are the advantages of the Lost Wax sosi casting process?

  • It produces high-precision parts with fine details.
  • It offers great freedom of design in the production of castings with complex shapes and geometries.
  • The surface finish has a uniform, even texture, is remarkably regular and has no imperfections.
  • It is cost-effective because it can produce parts in large quantities.
Procédé sosi casting (Lost Wax sosi).

For which parts can the Lost Wax process be used (sosi casting or water glass)?

The Lost Wax Sosi process is particularly suited to the production of complex parts, such as machine parts, aerospace parts, engine components, turbine components, cutting tools, gears, jewellery, sculptures and much more.

It is a tried and tested casting method that offers high precision, superior quality and flexible design when producing complex and detailed parts.

Castmetal Advanced Services uses this process to offer its customers high-quality castings at competitive prices.