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Silicone casting

23 June 2023

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Silicone casting is one of the most efficient moulding techniques used in the metal casting industry. This technique allows us to produce precise and complex parts by faithfully reproducing the details of the original part. At Castmetal Advanced Services, we use this process to meet the requirements of our most demanding customers in terms of quality and precision. The finished parts obtained using silicone casting are distinctive for their high level of detail, smooth finish and dimensional accuracy. In this article, you will learn all about silicone casting.

What is silicone casting?

Silicone casting is a moulding technique that involves making a silicone mould (by taking an impression of the original part), which is then used to produce metal parts. It allows us to reproduce very precise and complex parts, with a high-quality finish.

What are the advantages of the silicone casting process?

  • It produces complex parts with different internal and external geometries.
  • It is excellent value for money: moulds can be reused in production runs, reducing costs over the long term.
  • Various casting materials can be used, such as aluminium, copper, brass, zinc, etc.
  • It produces a high-quality finish, with very low surface roughness.

For which parts can the silicone casting process be used?

The silicone casting process is particularly suited to the production of parts with complex internal and external geometries, such as gears, turbines, vanes, pump parts, etc. This technique is also widely used for the production of prototypes, to test the functionality and shape of a part before launching mass production.

This process is a high-performance moulding technique that can be used to produce precise, complex parts with a high-quality finish. At Castmetal Advanced Services, we have the expertise and skills to meet the needs of our most demanding customers. Contact us to find out more about our casting services.