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CAS comprehensive expertise: a member of a leading global enterprise in high-value-added steel foundry.

28 May 2024
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With over twenty years of experience, Castmetal Advanced Services emerges as the trusted partner to provide turnkey solutions for sourcing your cast and forged parts to meet the most demanding international standards. Offering a wide array of technologies and numerous partnerships in China, we present the ultimate solution for your parts sourcing needs tailored to your specifications.


Castmetal Advanced Services distinguishes itself through its synergy with Safe Metal, a global leader in cast steel components with over 150 years of experience. With nine globally located, highly automated factories, Safe Metal boasts top-tier technical expertise and an in-depth understanding of the Chinese market, further bolstered by two factories in China. From design to commissioning, Safe Metal supports its clients across various sectors including Construction, Mining, Heavy Duty, Rail, Agriculture, Handling, and Defense, adhering to the strictest international standards.


While Safe Metal’s international presence through its factories speaks of its credibility, Castmetal Advanced Services’ presence in China and Europe enhances its value proposition by delivering quality parts produced by trusted Chinese partners, offering a wide range of technologies (Lost Wax, Shell Molding, Lost Wax Sosi, Forge, Shell Molding…) and meeting the strictest international standards.


With a team comprising engineers and controllers specialized in foundry operations, Castmetal Advanced Services remains closely connected to its clients, providing personalized advice, overseeing development, and monitoring production through regular quality audits and checks at partner factories or its quality technical center in Ningbo, ensuring the quality and compliance of the produced parts.


Castmetal Advanced Services is committed to overseeing each of its productions and maintaining high standards in quality and customer service, leveraging all its resources and the expertise of Safe Metal. This approach enables it to offer turnkey solutions that meet the specific needs of its clients while ensuring optimal proximity and responsiveness, regardless of the production location.


Aligned with Safe Metal, Castmetal Advanced Services is committed to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), rooted in its core values of Commitment, Innovation, and Dynamism. For many years, we have taken and continue to take concrete steps to minimize our environmental impact, promote employee well-being, strengthen relationships with stakeholders, and positively contribute to the communities where we operate.


In conclusion, Castmetal Advanced Services positions itself as the trusted partner for sourcing cast and forged parts to the most demanding international standards, thanks to its global expertise, strategic partnerships, and commitment to operational excellence.