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Castmetal Advanced Services : close to customers

28 May 2024

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Regularly, our technical and sales teams venture into the field to collaborate closely with our clients and partners. Thus, it was with great pleasure that the technical and sales team had the opportunity to reunite with the local team of Castmetal Advanced Services and a few partners.


1- Transitioning from virtual to real:

This provided the opportunity to meet our suppliers in China and, furthermore, to strengthen and solidify the bonds between us. Our objective is to maintain strong and enduring commercial relationships, taking into account the expectations and future needs of both parties. Additionally, it aimed to enhance mutual trust by establishing direct dialogue.


2- Immersion and technical training for our employees:

This journey to China allowed our sales and technical teams to engage with our various partners. They observed the different advancements, particularly in technical aspects, to better grasp the production processes and thereby provide them with additional technical knowledge to better support our clients. These exchanges also facilitated the adaptation of solutions offered by Castmetal Advanced Services by considering local specificities.


3- Customer Visits: In-depth meetings to understand needs:

The visit didn’t confine itself to suppliers; it also enabled the Castmetal Advanced Services team to meet with local clients. Focused on client needs, these meetings enable us to tailor our offerings and propose customized solutions to meet their specific requirements.


At Castmetal Advanced Services, we are convinced that such encounters and exchanges are essential for maintaining strong and enduring relationships with our partners. Additionally, they are crucial for better supporting our clients and prospects on a daily basis.