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Investment Casting or Colloidal Technology (Lost Wax) 

14 June 2023
Industrial lost wax casting. The process of pouring for filling out ceramic shells with molten steel from ladle.

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The “Lost Wax (Investment Casting or Colloidal Technology)” casting process is a method of producing high-precision parts, renowned for its exceptional characteristics. This casting technique is used to produce complex parts in small batches, offering superior quality and tight tolerances. As it can reproduce fine details and inner shapes, this casting method is ideal for producing parts with complex features. It produces high precision components with smooth surfaces and complex geometries, meeting the most demanding requirements in terms of specifications and features.

How does it work?

The Lost Wax casting process uses an aluminium model into which wax is poured to represent the part. This wax is dipped into a ceramic slip which, combined with a succession of sand blasts, forms a shell that serves as a mould after steaming to remove the wax. The liquid metal is then poured into this mould to produce the required part.

The “Colloidal Investment Casting” process is an improved version of the traditional Investment Casting method. In this technique, a colloid, which is a dispersal of very fine particles in a liquid, is added to the wax solution used to create the mould. This produces a more uniform and robust mould, resulting in better quality final parts with even more precise tolerances.

What are the advantages of
this process?

  • Thanks to the ceramic moulds, dimensional accuracy is achieved and details of the wax model are reproduced very faithfully.
  • Ceramic moulds produce an excellent surface finish, ensuring a uniform, even texture and a remarkably regular surface with no irregularities.
  • Wide range of materials: steel, silver, gold, bronze, copper, aluminium.

For which parts should Investment Casting or Colloidal Technology be used?

This casting method is often used to produce precision parts for aerospace, medical, defence and/or high-tech applications.

If you need to produce complex parts with high precision and a superior surface finish, the Lost Wax (Investment Casting or Colloidal Technology) casting method is an excellent option.